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List of the equipment to go on a bike trip – The bike worms
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List of the equipment to go on a bike trip

We love optimizing our panniers. Or objective is to have only useful things, and minimize our equipment as much as possible. We are not equipped for extreme conditions, like pedaling or camping by -30 °, but we can handle most situations.

The loaded bike weights about 40 kg , counting water (~ 1 liter) and food (for about 2 days). The unloaded bike is 17 kilos. Being two people, you gain weight compared to a lonesome traveler, especially on cooking and camping equipment.
Having a reasonable weight has several advantages: being able to carry your bike alone to get over obstacles, or to carry your panniers without making twelve round trips, and limit the wear of the bike. Also, we’re not going to lie, when it climbs, we’re happy too.

The equipment (second-hand bike, equipment of the bike, camping equipment, computer …) cost about 1800 € for one person. We favored quality equipment, especially for the camping gear: it’s lighter, more robust for everyday use, and reliable in difficult situations (heavy rain, strong wind …). Major brands such as MSR or Ortlieb also have the advantage of having good after-sales service around the world, and are very responsive in case of problems. All the details of the budget are here .

List of equipment by category:
. Bicycles
. Repair material
. Camping equipment
. Kitchen equipment
. Traveler 2.0
. Clothes
. Bathroom

<! – ———————————————- ————>

The bikes

Elsa’s one

Bike (Raleigh second-hand bike, 400 €) : Great. Buying a used bike can be a little risky when you do not know anything about bikes, like me, especially when the store salesman thinks it’s good to sell you a bike that is too small. Well, apart from that, I’m not disappointed at all, it is good and I have not had too much repair costs (80 euros in 10.000km: hub change and new tire). The good thing is that it attracts less eye than an expensive bike, I’m less afraid of losing or breaking it, and, well, it’s cheaper. The best way to buy a used bike is to find regular buddies like at Vélorution , or other associations of cyclists who swarm of wise cyclotourists.
No dynamo hubs that makes electricity, but it does not really miss, in the 21st century there is electricity almost everywhere.

Saddle (Italia Nepal, sold with the bike) : Clearly not the top comfort level, but always better than without.

Waterproof front panniers (Crosso Dry, 49 €, 1.1kg both) : Great. Strong fasteners, no small plastic parts that can break easily. Best value for money in my humble opinion.

Waterproof back panniers (Ortlieb back-roller city, 70 €, 1.5kg both) : Great. Ortlieb first price, but surprisingly also the lightest because there is nothing superfluous.

Waterproof Rackpack ( Ortlieb Messenger Backpack, 39 liters, 1.3kg) : Waterproof backpack, useful for hikes and other weekendtrips without the bikes. Heavier than a classic rack pack. No need for so much volume for pedaling, but for hiking forty-liter is no luxury. Replaced by the Hiko Trek waterproof 40 liters bag which is even more wonderful: two times lighter (600 grams), full of ties on the surface to hang the tent, clothes … when hiking, and it’s much small when it is not full.

Frame bag (Btwin first price, 6 €) : Great, it just lacks the useful hold-phone trick to put GPS during city trips. The second price seems to do that very well. Replaces completely the handlebar bag, usually heavier. On the other hand we can not put a big camera in it (main utility of the handlebar bag in my opinion), which remains very accessible in a the front pannier Crosso Dry which opens in a clip 🙂

Bottles + cans (Bottle Zefal first price + Bottle Zefal Artica, 10 €) : The bottle “thermos” Artica is useless, outside the heat waves and polar winters that nobody wants.

Front rack (Zefal front raider, 29 €) : Cheaper than the Tubus but less stable, moves too much, requires to tighten the screws often and to have one or two spare clamping rings (but this you can find everywhere). But if we have no eyelets in the fork, the Tubus does not work, so …

Rear rack (Tubus) : Great .

Rearview mirror (Zefal spy, 10 €) : Not very precise, the quality of the mirror is zero but it does the trick to see friends and trucks. It has the chic of being small, to be adjusted and removed easily, and not to have a telescope look.

Zefal steel clips : Great. The Zefal Christopher plastic I bought broke very quickly, replaced by used metal wedges, a marvel.

Brake pads (V-brake Shimano XT M70R2, 14 €) : Replacement of the classic brake pads by cartridge pads to replace only the eraser and not all the pad when it is worn

Tensioners (Bricomachin, € 2) : Stretch and relax. Be careful, they can relax when you do not expect it.

Helmet : Necessary if you care about your brain.

No dynamo on the bike, rear lighting at battery built into the luggage rack, and for the front, if necessary I use the headlamp. We rarely pedal at night in any case!

Anaïs’ bike

Bike (New bicycle Cyclo-randonnée, 1568 €) : Nickel. No serious breaks for 11.000 kilometers. Only the rear tire (schwalbe marathon world) has suffered a little. An old inner tube glued inside and it’s gone again! I sold the saddle Brooks sold with. All the details of the bike on the cyclo-randonnée site . (Hyper-responsive Seller, responds in details and quickly 🙂

Saddle (SMP Trekker Gel, 70 €) : Nickel. Absolute comfort, as in a good sofa. I gave up my padded underpants very quickly.

Watertight front and back panniers (Ortlieb back roller plus, 116 €, 1.7kg, and Ortlieb front roller plus, 90 €, 1.4kg) : More ecological fabric than classic bags. So-called totally waterproof and net weight saving compared to the model tarpaulin truck. However, during a heavy rain I found myself with all my wet stuff and a bag took more water than others via the bindings. The fabric of the bags seem porous. Being in Central Asia at that time, Ortlieb could not help me. I will recontact them as soon as I get closer to one of their resellers.

Rack-pack (Backpack Duffel Base Camp The North Face XS, 30L , 70 €, 900 grams) : Me serves as rack-pack and hiking bag. Very convenient. Replaced also by the Hiko Trek 40 liter bag, lighter and bigger, because the North face bag was not really waterproof.

Odometer ( Wireless sigma 16.12, 21 € ): Very happy

E-Werk ( 75 €): So far, not essential, even by doing wild camping very often, there is always a place to recharge the batteries.

Anti-Theft lock (Go sport cheapest lock, 12 €) : Top. Not super sturdy but enough, we are never far from bikes anyway. And then we like to believe in human goodness. With a code, not to lose the key …

Pouet-pouet Giraffe : Installed at the bow of the bike, attracts young and old who come to operate with intense joy

Bike repairing equipment


Multi-Tool (Go sport cheapest) : Top. Just missing the little star to tighten Ortlieb panniers screws (what an idea to put stars)

Cassette remover + spoke key (Unior 1669/4, 7 €) : We do not really know how to do it, so just hope we do not have to use it. We finally sent it back home, as we really didn’t know how to use it

Inner tubes x2 (Schwalbe, 10 €) : With big valves (Schrader), so you can inflate your tires at petrol stations!

Kit of patches (4 €) : Tires may be puncture-proof, they sometimes puncture.

Pump (Zefal, 8 €) : A good pump, not the ultra-light minus thing that must be pumped for hours.

Maintenance oil for chain (Rohloff biodegradable oil, 50ml, 5 €)

Brake cable (1 € ) : We thought it was useless, until the day when ..

Derailleur cable (1 €) : We thought that it was useless, until the day when ..

Chain quick links : We thought it was useless, and then one day we tried to use our drift-chain , like that opur see, we realized that it was zero, and we thought it was very useful (even if we still did not break our chain)

Gum skates (V-brake Shimano XT M70R2, 14 €) : We have more than necessary. We are really not the type to slow down anyway.

Bag repair set (Ortlieb, 8 €) : Patches for Cordura bags

Degreaser (Décathlon, 6 €) : now we degrease with gasoline, since we always have gasoline on us for the stove. It avoids having something extra.

Old piece of tube : We discover a lot of utilities to the inner tube. As tire patch, to stall luggage rack, knit slippers coconut …

And also: wrench, cloth, serflex, screws of different sizes, chatterton

<! – ———————————————- ————>

Camping equipment


Two people tent (MSR Hubba Hubba NX , 340 €) : We are happy. There is not enough space to put the panniers in the tent, but we leave them outside and everything is fine.

Sleeping linen for two (Cocoon cotton, 80 €) : We’re happy . Practical zip for use as a sheet. In silk it would have been much lighter, but also twice as expensive

Inflatable mattress for two (Exped AirCellMat Duo, 137 €) : Not so happy. Very comfortable, but too big and too heavy. A weld has dropped after two months of use, the repair glue + patch works for now …

Sleeping bag (Sea to summit Talus 1: 290 €, Talus 2: 285 €) : We are happy. The Talus 1 holds temperatures a little below 0 ° C, but for very cold weather it may not be enough. Gain of space /weight compared to Talus 2 non negligible. The Trek range of Sea to summit also seems pretty cheap.

Headlamp (decathlon cheapest) : Weigh half a dead donkey but apart from that no complaints, it illuminates its weight of peanuts. With rechargeable batteries for happiness to infinity. Used as a headlamp when pedaling at night.

We also tried:

3-place MSR Elixir Tent : Less expensive than Hubba Hubba, but a bit more heavy. Having a three-seater tent for two people seemed superfluous, so after three months of use we pulled the Hubba hubba out of the garage and sent the Elixir back.

Sea to Summit Ultralight Mattress em> (70 €, 355 grammes) : very small, light, not too expensive: Great. After 3 months, appearance of black spots (molds?). According to the customer service, nothing serious … But for the mattress to last longer, it may be better to buy the bag inflating rather than inflating to the mouth.

Mattress Thermarest

 The apses are big enough to put a kitten in addition to the bags The apses of the tent are big enough to put a kitten in addition to the panniers

<! – ——————————— ————————->

2.0 Traveler


Camera (Olympus EM10) : Great, bought with two lenses. Disadvantages: weighs a brick, and the video quality is not crazy.

Camera waterproof. To bring back memories without trying to make great art. Do not count on it to film with sound, it records a lot of small unpleasant noises. I had spare batteries, but not useful, it has a very good battery life.

Laptop 1 (Asus E202S, 230 €) : I’m happy. OK for simple video editing (with Sony Vegas, other software rament), good battery life, light, relatively large screen.

Laptop 2 em>): For office automation very well, possible to run a little photoshop … but not too long. Maybe not ideal for a travel PC, but I already had it before leaving then!

Smartphone + earphones (Iphone 4) </em >: Great. It is even able to make videos! (ok, it’s slow ..)

USB external battery : Useful to have a little more autonomy, since we are a bit dependent on the phone for the GPS

Kobo + cover (Kobo Aura (recontionned Fnac), 82 €) : great

Dolycam : We are happy. Great value for money. The image quality is probably not as good as a Gopro, though we did not compare

64GB micro SD card (15 €) : That’s crazy all we can put in such a small thing!

HDD 1 TB (x2) (58 €) : It’s bigger but we can put more things in it. Used to make backups. To have one would be enough.

Universal adapter (13 €) : Used only in China, and most of the plugs are compatible with everything there. Having a mini-adapter bought on the spot would be enough, rather than to walk this brick on 10.000km 🙂

USB battery charger (11 €) : For the batteries of the headlamp

Power strip : The plugs are sometimes rare

Double jack : To duplicate the headphones

Bluetooth speaker : It was abandoned after two months … too bad, it misses a little sometimes! Very greedy battery.

General opinion: a computer for two would have been sufficient in most situations, to have two is luxury (and 1.5kg more …) )

<! – ——————————————– ————–>

Kitchen equipment

Pot (Laken stainless steel 2 people, 30 €) : Not happy! Closing by clip does not close tightly, lid very difficult to remove (no grip), handle unstable, the clip sometimes breaks off. Only positive point is stainless steel. Moreover, we replaced the original plastic mugs with stainless steel mugs.

Stainless steel mugs (Amazon, 10 €) : OK.

Swiss army knife (Victorinox) : Great.

Opinel (Opinel n ° 8 in stainless steel, 6 €) : Great.

Stove (MSR Whisperlite International, 109 €) : Works on gasoline. Light, quiet, reliable, the 600ml bottle fits in the classic bottle cage. Adjustable flame. Makes very good pasta.

Stove (MSR Alpine fry pan, 29 €) : Great to fry anything : eggs, vegetables, pancakes… It can even bake bread

Waterproof bag (Ortlieb 7 liters, 12 €) : We are happy. Avoid disasters of jam, pesto, coffee in the bag.

Water bag (Ortlieb 10 liters, 20 €) : Great for camping nature far of the faucet.

Water filter (Steripen, 50 €) : It kills all the bad things that are in the water with UV light. Convenient to purify water in bike cans, but too big to fit in conventional plastic bottles. Cable to charge by USB or plug.

Zip freezer bags : How to make a cyclo-tourist happy (or at least Anaïs).

Lighter, tupperware, tea towel, salt, pepper, spices

In the bathroom


Soap : For laundry, dishes, shower, toilets, parquet, tiles, lino …

Soap box (3 €) : You can put the soap in it, it’s simply incredible

Battery epilator (43 € ) : A net gain of speed with glabrous legs

Folding bowl (Ortlieb, 23 €) : Great for laundry, look for the small hole of the inner tube, take a bath

Rope 4m (Le vieux campeur, 4 €) : Wonderfully extends the linen.

Toothpaste, Semi-soft bristle toothbrushes, Tweezers, Disinfectant, Sterile compress, Plaster, Antidiarrheal, Malarone, Antadys, Spasfon, Survival blanket, Safety pin, Thread, Needles, Sunscreen. Note: it seems useless to take pounds of drugs that we do not know how to use, if we are sick doctors and pharmacists often know better what to take.

<! – ————– ——————————————–>



Cyclist shorts effect” mega sanitary napkin “ (Decathlon first prize, 5 €) : OK, not wonderful either. Smart idea: buy a comfortable saddle.

Merino leggings (Decathlon, 30 €): OK but a little transparent so hard to wearable otherwise than under clothing (except to tease, but usually try to avoid).

Merino long-sleeve t-shirt (Decathlon, 30 €) : Great. < br/>

Sports pants (Endura) : Canon, comfort, dries quickly. Happiness

Jacket (Patagonia Nano-Air) : The icing on the cake. Hyper light and breathable to keep warm without sweating liters.

Waterproof pants (Mac in a bag, 15 €) : Great, although bought five times too big.

Outerwear (Deko, 11 € on ebay ) : Cheap, Great. Does wonders for the rain but also for the cold.

Waterproof jacket (Mac in a bag, 30 €): Great, although bought five times too great. Parachute effect possibly useful during any plane trip, but net loss of aerodynamics in descents.

Cap : Indispensable.

Buff (Décathlon 4 €) : Not very useful, but it’s not what weighs the heaviest.

Gloves (Decathlon, 5 €)

Cycling gloves (Fox, 22 €) : Owls but clearly not essential. Not hot enough to replace a small pair of gloves. Sent back home occasionally.

T-shirt x2, shorts, shirt, fleece jacket, leggings, underwear, hat, pair of sneakers, pair of flip flops & nbsp; To see how are worn all these beautiful clothes, take a ride on the side of look ideas !

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