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The budget – The bike worms
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The budget

What you are doing is amazing, but how many arms does it cost? Do you have enough left to hold the handlebars?


  • Episode 1. The Villa

Before going on an adventure, we had to equip ourselves a little. We might be vagrants, but we still need a home ! So we built a nice villa, modest but elegant.

The villa
Bedroom (557€): tent, mattress
Kitchen (193€): cooking stove, dishes
Desktop (73€): backup hard drives, universal charger
Garage (67€) : bicycle repair and maintenance equipment, lock
Bathroom (50€) : electric epilator, foldable basin
That makes it 940 € for all the common gear.

  • Episode 2. The self, the ego and the superego

Because we are unique beings, we also bought personal stuff, our little secret garden …

Secret Garden
Bike (410€) : bike, bike
Bike equipment (189€) : saddlebags, luggage racks …
Camping (290€) : sleeping bag
Look (119€) : bike clothes for rain, pretty pretty clothes
Multimedia (320€) : computer, e-reader
Hop there! We buy a personality for only 1328 €

  • Episode 3. On the road bad troop

Well equipped and fresh like pasta cocks, we could finally go to discover the world! If a day of the trip was a camembert, it would look like this:

Eating (3,9€) : that’s for feeding (and drinking (not water, it’s free))
Health (1.4€) : the cost of the insurance mainly
Hotel (1.2€) : a good warm sleep and a good shower, it feels good! We explode a bit the budget by spending the winter in Kazakhstan, let’s be honest, sleeping under tent is a lot less fun when it is -1000 ° C
Transport (0.9€) : because our bikes are not amphibious, we sometimes have a schedule to keep, and let’s be honest, pedaling is a lot less fun when it is -1000 ° C
Equipment (0.7€) : to buy lost gear and ski coats for the winter
Bike (0.3€) : because sometimes our bikes are sick or tired, and giving them love is not enough 🙁
Tourism (0.3€) : when we have visit, we do a little tourism. The rest of the time, it’s not our habits
Visa (0.2€) : not the credit card.
Miscellaneous (0.2€) : the rest. Workaway, postcards … We did not count taxes
Which makes us a total of € 9.1 per day!

What can we see? That our body, although mainly consisting of water, still consumes a lot of food.

[last updated on 01/11/2018. Statistics over eight months of travel (France-Kazakhstan)]

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