Jachoong and the frozen us

Nous nous séparons de Jachoong après un dernier restaurant

[In the last episode, we were welcomed for a breakfast after an hour and a half to pedal against a strang and icy wind. We’re now ready to fight again]

So we leave, pushing the wind with all our strength. We still have eighty kilometres to go before arriving at Jachoong’s, our host for tonight… But the wind is still blowing, the cold continues and as it was not enough, now the road is very steep. The advantage when climbing is that we warm up … certainly, but we sweat more, and when we stop we’re freezing again! After an endless climb, we eventualy arrive at the top of the pass!

 This tunnel marks the arrival at the pass This tunnel marks the arrival at the pass

The wind has calmed down a bit, there are only fifty kilometres left, mainly downhill. It is four o’clock, we have to rush if you want to arrive before night. We relax the muscles and there we go, down the slope. Oh, not for long. At this speed, the minus twelve degrees rushes into the smallest part of our clothes. We are again cold, unable to continue. We take refuge in a small restaurant.

 Korean Restaurant Leached and frozen, we order some food

The night begins to fall, no question of pedalling again today. We warn Jachoong, we will try to find a place to sleep in the area. “Do not move, I’m coming!” he answered. And an hour later, here he is with a small van for bikes and a friend with a car for us. The time to load bags and bike and we go on the highway, comfortably installed in soft seats. Elsa has fallen asleep, I struggle a little against sleep to enjoy the pleasant feeling of dozing in a car.

Jachoong and his friend take us to the restaurant, we dare not tell him that we have already eaten. Anyway, we can still eat a complete meal! We love Korean food. Usually, everyone has a bowl of rice, we order in addition to it a main dish that is presented in a large dish in the center of the table and which is embellished with a multitude of small dishes: spinach, fish, mushrooms, cabbages. .. Everyone takes in each dish with his chopsticks.
After this second dinner, Jachoong takes us to a studio where he leaves us the keys. He recommends us to sleep right away and offers to stay two nights “to really relax.” Ha yes we must look very tired ! Both recommendations are accepted without discussion.

The next day we join Jachoong for lunch. He invites us to a restaurant, this time, we everyone is served with …  a little chicken simmering in a soup. And we eat that with chopsticks. Without going into details, it was tough !. Fortunately, here, the french good manners would sounds a little too pretentious, one can eat very noisily, without that shocks nobody.

 To thank our friends, we cook pancakes with the means of the edge To thank our friends, we cook french crêpes

Jachoong is fifty, he has already made several trips by bike and owns a bike shop in the suburbs of Wonju. He reviews our bicycles and takes the opportunity to tighten some cables … As we are old enough to be his daughters, our host decided he would treat us as such.
Jachoong accompanies us all the morning, on about forty kilometers The next day, he closes his shop, takes his bike and accompanies us on forty kilometers.

He accompanies us all the morning, about forty kilometres. At midday, we separate from our host and after another forty kilometres, we arrive at my cousins, settled in Seoul for three years.

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