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Hitchhiking with bikes – The bike worms
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Hitchhiking with bikes

Hitchhike Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina (without the bikes) : a beautiful adventure, but not obvious 🙂

Hitchhike Turkey : we made it only once, but it was incredibly effective! One minute with a thumb up, a truck stops, we get on the bikes, and yeah! 350 km of earned. While we pedaled quietly, people have also stopped themselves to offer us to put our bikes in their pickups.

Hitchhike Turkey (without the bikes) : To visit Cappadocia and climb Mount Erciyes in Kayseri, we hitchhiked, and it was really, really fast. On several occasions people have even made good detours to bring us where we wanted, or were really sorry because they did not have the time!
So be careful not to overdo the thumb, the turkish would take you to the end of the world 🙂

Hitchhike Armenia : To cross a somewhat tense zone, on the border with Azerbaijan, we tested the stop-mobile: by pedaling, as soon as we saw a truck in the retro, we tended the thumb without stopping (and yes, we master the bike with one hand!), and jackpot! It ended up working. Clearly the best way to save time on roads where there is little traffic 🙂

Hitchhike Azerbaijan : It’s both simple and complicated: as soon as you raise your thumb, the car / truck / trailer stops. Yay! But they just asked where we were going and then said, “Oh yes, it’s 150km away, it’s over there. Well, once the surprise passed, we could ask them if they had a little room to take us, and it was not too difficult to find the world.

Hitchhike Kazakhstan : We have not tried to speak properly, but it looks pretty easy: a lot of trucks, pickups, and especially people who stop and offer to you take you away without you asking for anything!

Hitchhike Kyrgyzstan (without the bikes) : In Kyrgyzstan hitchhiking is a means of transport that looks more like carpooling: you put yourself at the edge of the road, a small wave of the hand, and you do not have to wait 2 minutes before a car stops. But for the passenger, it’s about contributing to gasoline, so it’s quite normal and common that the driver is asking for money – he should not even have to actually ask, passengers pay naturally. So if you do not want to pay, it’s better to clear things up early.

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