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Taking boats with bikes – The bike worms
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Taking boats with bikes

Ferry to Turkey: from Istanbul (Yenikapı) to Yalova

Pedaling to get in and out of Istanbul is a nightmare. Really. 80 km of 2×4 lanes, cars in all directions, which clearly have nothing to graze that you try to fight your way into this mess. We tested once, not two: we came out in ferry. Departure every 2 hours, the trip takes an hour and a half, no need to book in advance. (70km, 1h30, 7 €) More info )

Baku (Azerbaijan) Ferry to Aktau (Kazakhstan)

The ferry of all possible. Frequently used by cyclists for not having to go around the Caspian Sea by Russia or Turkmenistan, it is a delight of total disorganization. In short, there are no timetables, you have to call or go to the port every day to see if a boat is not going out during the day, and to find out where it is from: from Baku, there are two distant ports of 70km, better not to miss. No extra charge for bicycles, shower, three meals a day included, hot water for tea available 24 hours a day, and a good load of well-drunk truck drivers. (600km, 30h, 70 €) More info)

To take it in the other direction, it is better not to wait to be in Aktaou to do your Azeri visa, because the standard visa procedure takes a week …

Baku / Aktaou Ferry and Baku / Turkmenbashi Fares
Baku / Aktaou Ferry and Baku / Turkmenbashi fares

Ferry from Vladivostok (Russia) to Donghae (South Korea)

After the mess we’ve been through to take the ferry on the Caspian sea, taking the Eastern Dream from Vladivostok to Donghae was a real treat. We booked our ticket by mail (olga@dbsferry.com), we then paid the day before departure, to the port of Vladivostok, in cash. We had to buy a bike supplement (16 € per bike / 20 $). Economy class is a dorm, with beds that seem king after spending a week in the transsiberian! The meal is not included, but there are restaurants, small supermarkets, and bars on the boat. There are also showers (“sauna”?!) And of course hot and cold water available for fans of instant noodles.
The ferry travels once a week, and also continues to Japan (Sakaiminoto)
(600km, 22h, 137 €) More info)

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