Taking buses with bikes

In Turkey

From Kayseri (Cappadocia) to Batumi (700km, 21h, 35 €) : It was not easy. A bus company, Metro can put up to two bikes in the bus at no additional cost, no need to disassemble them. Beyond that, you have to pay. Only problem, we can not specify at the time of booking that we have a bike, so impossible to know how many bicycles there will be on the bus until departure. No luck for us, there was another cyclist .. so three bikes. So we had to pay 10 € per bike for the driver to take them. Can the money make the bunkers bigger? Why pay the three bikes, while for two bikes it’s free? Mystery…

In this situation, if we did not want to pay the extra 10 €, we had the possibility to be fully refunded of our bus ticket, or to try to take the one of the next day (without guarantee that there is no other bike obviously).

Apart from that the buses are not especially comfortable, it is indicated that there is wifi but it seems to be a legend more than anything else, and the bus stops very, very, very often, at any time of day and night, so we could not really close our eyes. Oh, and the bus is not really going to Batumi, it has thrown us on the Georgian border to 5am, and get by!

In short, next time we will hitchhike.

Other companies from which we prospected potentially accepted the bikes, for an additional cost at the discretion of the driver …

To buy the tickets we went through https://www.obilet.com/

In Kazakhstan

From Astana to Omsk (Russia): 15 € bikes included, 15h, 800km
Apart from the minibuses that usually criss-cross the Kazakh roads, and in which it seems complicated to put bicycles, there are bus connections. We took the bus between Astana and Omsk (in Russia) and it seems to be a much better solution than the train, for this trip at least: same time, twice cheaper, and bikes accepted. Not possible to book online by cons, you have to go to the counter. For bicycles, you must ask for extra luggage. We took a supplement per person, getting on the bus the driver seemed to say that we should have taken several supplements, because a lot of bags = a lot of luggage, but it happened.

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